What They Are Saying

Comments from our guests:


"My name is Amy and my daughter was there today with the TTCC camp. I just picked her up and she told me about the day. She is afraid of heights and had a panic attack at the top. In telling me what happened, she spoke of the gentleman at the top with such appreciation. She said, I couldn't have done it without him. He was so good mom. I was so scared and was panicking and he helped me so much. She said he even called down to make sure she got a high five for doing it. I'm proud of her for overcoming her fear and doing it, but it might not have happened that way if it wasn't for the support she got from your staff member. She doesn't know his name, but I have never heard her speak so sincerely. Please convey my appreciation to him for taking care of my daughter in a very scary situation. You are very lucky to have an employee who can handle moments like those so well." Amy


"Brian and I and our family had such a fantastic time today. I want to thank you so much for working with us and helping us plan this terrific day. I also want you to know the many staffers who we associated with both zip lining and throughout the discovery park were helpful, friendly, and very professional. We were quite impressed. We will certainly be back - with more of our family!" Karen G. 


"Today I did the zip line with my Aunt, who's 85th birthday wish was to do a zip line course. I want to thank each and every one of the staff members who went out of their way to make this an extremely enjoyable day for both of us. I'm very impressed with the courtesy and kindness shown to her and will highly recommend your facility. One again, thank you all for being so thoughtful and allowing my aunt to cross another adventure off her bucket list." Jackie S. Meredith, NH


"We had a great time in the lift to the summit today, thank you so much for this wonderful day." Stacy V.