Gunstock Values

Here at Gunstock, every team member plays a vital role in the success of our company. Our vision is to be the premier recreational destination in the Lakes Region by providing year-round outdoor amusement to guests of all ages, delivered with world-class guest service and safety standards. To make that vision a reality, we’ve identified 6 core values that we ask all Gunstock employees to adopt as their own.

The pursuit of Excellence is at the heart of everything we do. It is the standard we set for ourselves when developing resort programs, products, and services. Our never-ending commitment to Excellence is what makes Gunstock Mountain Resort rise above the competition.

We are in the Fun business. In every interaction with our guests, internal and external, we strive to create an environment that is entertaining, exciting, and helpful - one that will keep them coming back for more.

Experience is important, and we’ve got more than 70 years of it. But without Innovation, we stand to lose our edge on the competition. We believe that what has worked in the past may soon be out of date. Our guests and staff appreciate fresh ideas and we will never tire of exploring new ways to make them happy.

Respect for our co-workers, Respect for our guests, Respect for our community, Respect for our environment.  

Safety is everyone’s job at Gunstock and we are obsessed with creating a safe and healthy environment for our guests and staff. Diligent repair and maintenance programs, combined with ongoing education and outreach, ensure Gunstock’s ability to maintain our standards of safety.

Let’s face it – none of us can do this alone. And where's the fun in that anyway? It takes all of us, working together, to create magic for our guests and staff.