Premium Adventure

The Premium Adventure guarantees your choice of ONE of the following tours:

*Please note: reservations are strongly recommended for these activities. You may participate in additional tours based on availability 15 minutes prior to a scheduled tour.

The Premium Adventure also includes unlimited access to the following activities:

Age, Height and Weight restrictions apply and vary by each individual activity.

Dressing Appropriately: Please wear closed-toe and closed-heel shoes for the Aerial Treetop Course, Mountain Coaster, Climbing Walls, Slackline, and Summer Tubing. Open-toe and open-heel shoes are NOT allowed. The Gunstock Mountain Adventure Park Attraction Staff reserve the right to determine whether the apparel and/ or footwear are adequate for the chosen adventure. Croc brand or similar footwear Are Not considered to be adequate. Be prepared for sun exposure and other weather elements.

Adventure Park Terms & Conditions

Waivers: Anyone under the age of 18 must have a signed waiver by a supervising adult on site or have a pre-signed and notarized waiver upon arrival. Ages 16 and 17 can participate without an adult on site however must have the waiver notarized and signed ahead of time. 

Reservations are not required for the Discover Adventure, but passes may be purchased in advance. Click here for pricing.