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View of Lake Winnepeasaukee in the Summer


Belknap County Volunteer Job Fair

Sunday 09/19
11am - 1pm

The Belknap County Conservation District is hosting a Belknap County Volunteer Job Fair at Gunstock Mountain Resort Lodge on Sunday, September 19th from 11am – 1pm..

Sign-Up here to join us:

Learn about how you can help the environment and your community in Belknap County.

Local organizations from across Belknap County need volunteers for natural resource conservation and food assistance projects.

Groups needing help include:

  • Town Conservation Commissions
  • Land Trusts and Conservation Groups
  • Watershed and Lake Associations
  • Regional and local trails
  • Fish and Wildlife groups
  • Environmental education and school outreach programs for agriculture and forestry
  • Community Food Donation Programs
    • Harvesting fresh vegetables and fruit for donation to food pantries
    • Distributing meals to seniors

The Belknap County Volunteer Job Fair is free and open to the public from 11am -1 pm

Contact Lisa Morin at 527-5880 or for information.