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1937 Phelps Skiers

Doug Lambert

Doug Lambert has owned his home in Gilford since 1987 and, as a self-described skier and fitness enthusiast, is proud to note that his family is in its 3rd generation of enjoying the Gunstock Recreational Area. Doug Lambert photo

He has successfully owned and operated a multi-million dollar manufacturing company for over 30 years, having grown it from a one-man garage operation to what it is today. He manages an administrative staff that includes finance, sales and marketing, along with a production team that is involved with manufacturing new products, the refurbishment of heavy equipment, along with the actual maintenance of the Gilford facility itself. His familiarity in such areas has much crossover benefit to an enterprise like the Gunstock Mountain Resort. 

Prior to that, he owned and operated a local food service restaurant, which helps him to understand the importance and impact of tourists coming into the area as a result of Gunstock Mountain. This provides him with the ability to understand and represent the many taxpaying area businesses that rely on Gunstock as one of the major draws of their customer base. Having employed hundreds of people throughout his years of business experience, Mr. Lambert has a keen understanding of personnel relationships and the responsibility that comes with working with employees and staff. He prides himself in his expertise and abilities in this area of operating enterprises that can only be successful with proper human resource management.