Skate Skiing: The Next Level of Nordic Fun

Kale Poland  

Over the last few years, there has been a significant uptick in the interest of skate skiing here at Gunstock Nordic.

To the onlooker who has …

There ARE Friends on Powder Days

Jen Karnan  

Mother Nature bestowed 7 inches of fresh snow upon the mountain yesterday. After some rain the previous week, conditions had gotten a bit on the icy side, which is something we shrug off here in New …

This Is The Year: Beginner's Guide Part II

Jen Karnan  

If you're taking up skiing or snowboarding for 2017, congratulations! You're making a positive decision that both your mind and body will thank you for. If you haven't figured out a good New Year's Resolution, learning a snow sport will be the best one you'll ever make, because not only will it be healthy for you, but this will be a resolution you won't want to break, because it's FUN!

January is Learn a Snow Sport month, and Gunstock is participating in the Ski NH Learn a Snow Sport promotion by offering our award-winning 1-Day Mountain Magic Program for …