Jen Karnan  

For those of you who have read the "Lone Wolfing It" post, you know I have no problem with skiing alone. In fact, there are a lot of things I don't mind …

No Worse For The Wear

Tom Ryan  

Reporting on snow conditions can be tough sometimes. Not because it's actually hard, but because you want to tell everyone conditions are amazing and there's no excuse to …

Viva Vacation!

Jen Karnan  

This weekend marks the end of Massachusetts vacation week and the beginning of New Hampshire vacation week. What does that mean for this weekend? An explosion of all things fun! And with temps in the 40s both today and tomorrow, expect springlike conditions on the trails. I don't think anybody's upset about leaving the face warmers in the bag, wearing less layers and using the lighter gloves. --I can tell you I'm certainly not! We have lots going on at the mountain today and tomorrow, so here is a breakdown all in one place. Enjoy the weekend!
~ Jen 

Today (Saturday, 2/20):

WBZ Après Family Ski Party in the Main Lodge from 1-3pm. Host Mike Viselli and the WBZ team booth will be set up playing music. Ski limbo, lip sync and tin foil hat making are some of the fun games that will be going on. Lots of prizes will be given out including Hasbro board games, Thule ski rack, gift cards for Country Ski and Sport Shop, Flex Flyer sled and Hot Chilis apparel. Don't miss it!
Bud Light Promo from 2-5pm in the Powder Keg Bar & Grille and the Pistol Pub. Giveaways include a Snowboard!
Monkeys With Hammers Band Their playlist features songs by Journey, Aeorsmith & Billy Joel. They will be rocking the Pistol Pub from 3-7pm.

Lone Wolfing It

Jen Karnan  

I've heard people say they're sitting out a day of skiing or riding because they have "nobody to go with." I never understood that. …

The 6am Victory Dance: Ode to the Snow Day

Jen Karnan  

The best kind of Snow Day is the unexpected kind. The weather predicts a mere dusting, or perhaps an inch, which always makes us happy to begin with in the ski world, but THEN... we get dumped on, and any prep you've done for the work or school day becomes null and void; well, for a day at least.