I Didn't Choose the Seg Life, the Seg Life Chose Me.

Jen Karnan  

My first summer here, the Adventure Park was in its second season, and many of us guides would float between attractions, while maintaining a "specialty" in one particular area. I would spend a day monitoring in the Aerial Treetop Adventure, I'd head over often to work on the Zip Line, but primarily, I led guided off-road Segway tours. --And it was the best.

Who Are The Friends of Gunstock?

We're getting ready to put on our first annual Gunstock Mountain Brew & BBQ here at the mountain, and we're stoked about unlimited beer samples, delicious barbeque, live music, beer and app pairings, and of course, riding our mountain coaster! But another aspect of this event that we're pumped about is the opportunity to give back to some non profit …