Just the Boost We Needed

Jen Karnan  

As if these ideal snowmaking temperatures haven't been enough lately, we received 6" of natural snowfall in the past 24 hours, giving us a boost in the race to get more terrain open! December feels like December! Here are some announcements for the week ahead.

Opening Tomorrow: 

  • Pistol Chair Lift
  • Exit 20
  • Exit 21
  • Lower …

It's Right Where You Left It.

Jen Karnan  

December has become an interesting time of year for New Hampshire ski resorts. After Thanksgiving passes, we've usually seen the first snowfall of the year and we're excited to get back on skis, and with any …

Here's The Facts, Ma'am.

Greg Goddard  


As Joe Friday used to say, "Here's the facts, ma'am:"

Fact #1 – We’ve been making snow like crazy whenever we’ve had the opportunity. 
Fact#2 – We’ve gotten 3 inches of rain in the past three days. 
Fact#3 – …