We Have a Secret Trail!

Jen Karnan  

Before I begin, I’d like to just say hi. I know it’s been a while since I’ve put out a blog, and a lot of that has to do with the passing of our Operations Director, …

The Excitement Builds

Jen Karnan  

There is nothing like the morning after a snowstorm. Everything coated in a fluffy blanket of snow, still white and sparkly and untouched. The air smells …

Paint It White

Jen Karnan  

You guys, we're opening for our 80th Anniversary winter season tomorrow! We are all kinds of stoked to get this show on the road and see some familiar faces as we kick off a milestone year!

Ramp-up season has been in the middle for us thus far. We didn’t receive that first November snowstorm to knock out everyone's power on Thanksgiving and accelerate our winter prep this year, but that's okay, because we also haven't had our butts handed to us with a …

It's Time to Celebrate!

Jen Karnan  

The desire for outdoor adventure even as the daylight becomes increasingly limited in this corner of the year is palpable here, and we're happy to provide a place for folks to go when they refuse to hibernate. As …

This Is The Year: Beginner's Guide Part II

Jen Karnan  

If you're taking up skiing or snowboarding for 2017, congratulations! You're making a positive decision that both your mind and body will thank you for. If you haven't figured out a good New Year's Resolution, learning a snow sport will be the best one you'll ever make, because not only will it be healthy for you, but this will be a resolution you won't want to break, because it's FUN!

January is Learn a Snow Sport month, and Gunstock is participating in the Ski NH Learn a Snow Sport promotion by offering our award-winning 1-Day Mountain Magic Program for …