The Face of Hope

Jen Karnan  

It's a rare thing to witness scientific progress firsthand; to see the tangible result of years of research, testing, trial and error, and long hours spent in an effort to solve a problem. To look into the eyes of three year old Sofia Wylie is that rare occasion, as her young life is the direct, miraculous result of the first ever treatment developed for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).

For those who remember the Ice Bucket Challenge from a few years ago, that widespread fundraising effort was to fund research for a cure of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). SMA is a terminal childhood version of that disease that takes hold right from …

I Didn't Choose the Seg Life, the Seg Life Chose Me.

Jen Karnan  

My first summer here, the Adventure Park was in its second season, and many of us guides would float between attractions, while maintaining a "specialty" in one particular area. I would spend a day monitoring in the Aerial Treetop Adventure, I'd head over often to work on the Zip Line, but primarily, I led guided off-road Segway tours. --And it was the best.

Gunstock's Zip Line Named Among National Geographic's Top Reasons to Visit New Hampshire!

We know we just posted about it, BUT... National Geographic's recently published article, 14 Reasons to Go to New Hampshire Now, lists Gunstock's ZipTour Zip Line among …

Facing Our Fears: Life Lessons Learned on the Zip Line

Jen Karnan  

It's a very common thing for folks to come zip lining at Gunstock for the purpose of facing their fear; whether it be a fear of heights, a fear of heights at high speeds, the sheer …

A Hike to Remember

Jen Karnan  

Here at Gunstock, no matter what season it is, our goal is to get more people playing outside and enjoying the great outdoors. Yesterday was the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. Our Nordic manager, Kale Poland, decided to celebrate by holding a Summer Solstice guided hike, which served as the …