FREE Guided Walking Tours of Wetlands Walk & Instream Wood Demo Project

Sat, October 6, 2018 — Sun, October 7, 2018

Come to Gunstock Mountain Resort on October 6th and 7th and enjoy a FREE guided walking tour of the Wetlands Walk at 10 AM and a free guided tour of the Instream Wood Demonstration Project at 1 PM. Each tour will take approximately 30-45 minutes.

The Wetlands Walk is a ¼ elevated universally accessible boardwalk located in a small wetland adjacent to the Gunstock Campground. The tour in will include info about wetlands, the wildlife that live and use wetlands, how the Wetlands Walk is constructed and the current work being done to upgrade the structure. To wrap up the tour, there will be a child-friendly and fun activity offered to participants. To access the Wetlands Walk, stop by the campground gate and press the intercom ‘talk’ button to be let into campground. Follow the road to the bottom of the hill and around to the right. Take a right turn and follow the unpaved road for a short distance past the campsites. The start of the Wetlands Walk will be at the end of the road. 

The Instream Wood Demonstration Project will show the result of placement of logged trees within a stream to help improve fish habitat, reduce downstream flooding potential, and cool the water. For many years, the conventional wisdom has been to remove trees that had fallen into streams and brooks. The thinking was that trees interfered with optimal stream function. It now has become evident that fallen trees in streams is important to the overall health of the stream and the aquatic life in them. Deliberate placement of logged trees and securing them in place ensures they will not move downstream during times of heavy stream flow. The tour will start at the bridge on Area Road; Gunstock’s main entrance route off Route 11A.

These activities are being offered by the Belknap County Conservation District (BCCD). For more info please contact BCCD at 603-527-5880 or email Our number is a cell phone that BCCD staff has on them at all times. Should you not be able to find the start of a tour, please call and you will be given directions!

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