Annual Officer Kainen M. Flynn Memorial Fishing Derby

Sat, June 1

8:00am to 1:30pm, this event is free!

Kainen, an officer with the Gilford Police Department and an avid sportsman who loved the outdoors, lost his life on June 4, 2003, after falling from his boat on Lake Winnisquam doing what he loved – fishing.  During Kainen's time as an officer he was very involved with Gilford’s youth population and would often volunteer his time with any type of youth-related program. Gilford PD members, other law enforcement colleagues, his family and friends continue to keep Kainen’s spirit and love for the Gilford community and its youth alive by holding an annual Officer Kainen M. Flynn Memorial Fishing Derby in his honor. 

While the annual June fishing derby is free of charge to participants, proceeds from a silent auction and the sale of food and beverages benefit the Gilford Police Relief Association(GPRA) and the Gilford D.A.R.E. program.

As Kainen could be heard saying, “Always remember to wear a life vest while boating, have a blast while fishing, and be sure and catch a ‘big one’ for me.”   

Fishing Derby Schedule:
8:00 am-8:45am  Participant check-in
8:45 am-9:00am  Muster at main tent for fishing derby rules
9:15 am-12:15pm  Fishing Derby
12:15 pm-12:45pm  Fish judging
12:45 pm-1:30pm  Awards & closing ceremony

NOTE:  Online registrations are no longer taking place. Upon arrival, participants are reminded to stop by the main tent in order to retrieve their worms and a tee shirt. From there, find a spot on the pond to set-up, and return to the main tent at 8:45 am for the official opening of the derby.

For derby rules and more information, please click here.

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