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GFA Brought That 603 Shred to USASA Nationals

After a long season of training and competition, Gunstock Freestyle Association (GFA) traveled to Copper Mountain for the United States Ski and Snowboard Association (USASA) National Championships. The USASA championships represent all 50 states with over 3,000 competitors, ranging from ages 5 to 75. GFA represented Gunstock Mountain Resort and our local NHUSASA series well as the state of New Hampshire. 15 athletes qualified for Nationals, 30% of the total GFA team, and 10 athletes competed.

Colorado received a record snowfall this year, which made for perfect conditions for the world-renowned Half Pipe and Slopestyle course of jumps and rails. The snow also provided a perfect backdrop for the inventive metal features of the evening Rail Jams. At the same time, the spring days provided a mixture of temperatures with days starting firm and cold, and often ending warm and slushy. This created a challenge for the riders to gauge speed, especially on the jumps. But GFA rose to the challenge, and represented with pride.

Notable moments included:

  • Callen Hwang getting Bronze in the Girls 8-9 year old division in Snowboard Slopestyle with two clean and stylish runs.
  • Nick Imhoof earning Gold in the Men’s Skier Halfpipe division, with an amazing array of spins and grabs.
  • Joren Taylor earning 25th fastest run in a division of over 150 of the best competitors in Boardercross, while Evan Lamprey dazzled the crowd with his skills in the evening Rail Jam.
  • Owen Larue, Henry Shield, and Max Abram upping their game in Slopestyle and Rail Jam with a new bag of tricks.
  • The skiers waking up to about a foot of fresh powder and taking the last snow cat of the season to sample some of Colorado’s best snow.
  • And we can’t forget the parents who competed for a round of medals in Boardercross and Skiercross. Keepin' the shred alive!

Head coaches Steve Lee and Brett Davis led the squad to the following results:


Callen Hwang- Rail Jam 6th; Slopestyle 3rd; Boardercross 16th

Liam Daly- DNF

Evan Lamprey- Rail Jam 16th; Halfpipe  22nd; Slopestyle 62nd

Joren Taylor- Boardercross 33rd

*Frank Hwang- Boardercross 2nd


Max Abrams- Rail Jam 17th; Slopestyle 47th; Skiercross 40th

Henry Shield- Rail Jam 7th; Slopestyle 13th; Skiercross 8th

Owen Larue- Slopestyle 22nd; Skiercross 11th

Gavin Makely- Slopestyle 51st; Skiercross 28th

Jeremy Mallette- Skiercross 30th

Nick Imhoof- Halfpipe 1st; Rail Jam 17th; Slopestyle 4th

*Jody Larue- Skiercross 2nd

*Hilirey Makely- Skiercross 1st

Congratulations to all the competitors on a job well done! Huge thanks to all the support of the athletes, coaches, Gunstock Mountain Resort, sponsors and parents. We can’t wait for next season!


~ Frank Hwang, Gunstock Freestyle Association

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