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How To Plan Your Winter Ski Trip to Gunstock

January 10, 2021

Step 1: Make sure to book lift tickets in advance:

On our website in the navigation click “Winter” select Tickets and Season Passes. Scroll down to see ticket prices for day and night passes. Click on the button “Buy Now” and you’ll be directed to the estore.

Alternatively, you can select the homepage button on the right Buy Online to go directly to the estore. Be sure to log in with your existing RFID card or register for a new account. 

If you already have an RFID code, you can use it to avoid duplicating accounts, if not you will be assigned one when you register. After registering, click “Products”. 

Lift tickets is found under “Lift & Reload". Scroll down and look for lift ticket options. Select the appropriate tickets you need and then select which day you wish to ski/ride and the quantity of tickets you’ll need

You can then add the ticket(s) to your cart. 


Step 2: Rentals & Lesson

While you are in the estore, you can purchase rentals, make a reservation for the Children’s Center as well as lesson packages. Families traveling with young children may want to enjoy skiing/riding without the kids for a bit. Gunstock’s Children’s Center offers a safe and fun learning environment for kids and youth between the ages of 4 to 14. 

If someone in your group needs to take a lesson or 2 as a refresher, you can find those on the estore as well under ”Lessons” on the “Products page”. Gunstock offers individual group lessons as well packaged private lessons.

If you don’t have your own equipment and don’t want to spend money on a whole setup, you can rent equipment through Gunstock’s rental shop and pick it up when you arrive. 

Similar to lifts tickets you must select which days you need the rentals.  Additionally, you will need to add information regarding your level of skiing/riding, height, weight and shoe size as well as how you ride (skier, regular or goofy) so that the rental shop can set aside the right equipment you will need.

Rental equipment for night skiing and riding is free and included with the ticket, however you must still check-in at the Welcome Center before picking up your rentals

Here is the Skier Type Chart:

  • Type 1 - entry-level skiers who are uncertain of their preference -> easier ski binding release
  • Type 2 - average ski binding release appropriate for most recreational skiing
  • Type 3 - increased risk of non-release bindings 

If you do not have a helmet we suggest adding a helmet to your rental as well as a $2 damage waiver.


Step 3: Reserve a table for lunch or dinner

Reserve a table at one of our indoor dining locations: Pistol Pub, Powder Keg and Cobble Food Court. Click here to learn more about indoor dining and reserving a table:


Step 4: Packing 

You will want to dressed and ready for any possible condition for your trip to Gunstock. It can get very cold and windy, even when the sun is out. Think Layers. Many Layers.  

Here's your "I'm going to Gunstock Packing List": 

  1. Mittens (not gloves)
  2. Base layer top & bottom
  3. Snow pants
  4. Fleece 
  5. Snow jacket 
  6. Warm, thick socks 
  7. A FACE MASK! You must be wearing one while on Gunstock property except while skiing and eating. 
  8. A beanie or hat to keep your head warm when not skiing or riding.  
  9. A Helmet
  10. Make sure to bring some extra warm clothes to change into after your ski day 
  11. Extra food and water
  12. Goggles
Step 5: Arrival

If you already have your RFID card in hand and loaded with your lift ticket, go straight to the lift. If you do not have an RFID card go directly to the Welcome Center. 

If you have rentals or lessons, also go directly to the Welcome Center. 


Step 6: Enjoy your day on the mountain.

Be sure to eat and hydrate. At the end of your day, log into your Gunstock acccount and view all your stats of the day: vertical feet, number of runs and total ski days. 




Step 7: Additional Activities

If you aren’t completely wiped out after a day of skiing and riding we also offer Night Sessions Tuesday through Saturday and 2-hour Tubing sessions Tuesday through Sunday. The Outdoor Center also offers Snowshoe Ridge Tours on Friday and Saturday nights.

Tubing   Night Skiing   blog_snowshoe-ridge-tours-1-14-21.jpg


See you on the slopes!

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