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It's Time to Celebrate!

The desire for outdoor adventure even as the daylight becomes increasingly limited in this corner of the year is palpable here, and we're happy to provide a place for folks to go when they refuse to hibernate. As we look toward the snowy horizon of a new winter season for the 80th time, we feel grateful for our outdoor playground, thankful for our staff that makes the magic happen, hopeful for consistent snow dumps, and enthusiastic about our plans to improve and innovate further.

We're also looking back at our rich history here at the mountain and marveling at the progress this resort has seen over the course of 8 decades. Generations have come here to convene in this old lodge and discover a passion for snowsports which they've passed on to their children and so on.

Examining the past is a vital aspect of our progress, so as we recognize the strides that have been made here and precedents set over the course of our first 80 years, we want to sincerely thank each and every one of you for making memories with us here at the mountain. Thank you for learning here, blowing off steam here, practicing here, experimenting here, competing here, playing here, and laughing here, and bonding here.

We have a lot of those moments archived in photo and video form and can't wait to share them over the course of this milestone season, but it has occurred to us that you folks have stashes of your own. We would love to see your memories and share them along with ours this year, so we're inviting all of you to contribute photos and video of your time here at Gunstock, whether they be from last year, 10 years ago, 30 years ago or 80 years ago. Old passes, family photos, pictures of your old equipment, snaps of events you attended here, we want to see all of it! Even if it's not visual, we'd love to hear your stories about the first time you came here, how the mountain has had an impact on you and/or your family, all that great stuff. We'll be posting throwbacks throughout the year and can't wait to share in more good times at the mountain. 

Ways to participate:

  • Email your photos, videos and stories to
  • Send them via Facebook message to the Gunstock Mountain Resort account
  • Post them on Instagram using #gunstockmtn to have them featured on our website and possibly regrammed by us

We'll be sure to give credit and acknowledgement to the source of any materials used/shared and can't wait to take a trip down memory lane with you all!

Speaking of which, we want to kick off this yearlong celebration as soon as possible, so we hope you will join us on Saturday, November 18th for the 80th Anniversary Ski Ball to celebrate a rich history of innovative outdoor fun here at Gunstock Mountain Resort.

There will be dinner, dancing, and a raffle of some unique and historic items to benefit the Greater Lakes Region Children’s Auction. Enjoy music from the Wicked Smart Horn Band and wonderful displays of our eclectic past here at the mountain, as well as a glimpse into our next chapter.

Event begins at 6pm. Cocktail attire, dress to impress!
To reserve a table of 8 or more, please call the Welcome Center at 603-293-4341 extension 0.

Proceeds of the raffle will be donated to the Greater Lakes Region Children’s Auction. This organization has been providing tremendous support to local area non-profits that benefit kids and their caregivers.

We hope to see your familiar faces at this event, but even if you can't go, we'd love to see whatever gems you pull out of your archives from your experiences here over the years and look forward to celebrating our 80th Anniversary with you! Cheers!
~ Jen
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