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Skijoring With Your Dog at Gunstock

As the family gets suited up and gathers their gear to head to the mountain, our furry friends are left waiting by the door. If only there was a way to pair hanging with your dog and skiing together - Oh wait there is! Gunstock Mountain Resort offers special lessons in which you and your family can go skiing with your dogs.

When trying to figure out what we can do with our dogs during the winter, this popular sport catches one's eye. It's called “Skijoring”, a word which derives from the Norwegian word skikjøring. Basically, it is ski driving, where you are in control but your dog assists in pulling you along. In other words, it is just winterized Wakeboarding with your dog! At Gunstock you and your dogs can learn from a one of a kind Skijoring Team of Educators. After experiencing this unique sport you will want to hang up the leash and take out your harness instead!

What to Expect: 

When you arrive at the Outdoor Center, you are greeted with smiling faces, followed by suiting up; which includes a harness for your dog and self. 

The first lesson begins with simple commands that each dog will need to know in order for you to have control. For example, “gee” is for right turns and “haw” is for left. We use positive reinforcement such as treats and rewards for training. 

If you are unsure about connecting yourself to your energetic dog, we completely understand. I could not imagine tying myself up to my golden retriever who loves saying hi to every person and animal he sees. You can start off on snowshoes, which can allow for both you and your dog to become more comfortable without any hospital trips. 

Dogs love to run, go on walks, and will take any chance to get all their “zoomies” out. Although this might seem like work for your dog, they will appreciate this time outside of the house with the family. 

Of course when you show up to Gunstock make sure you aren’t using your 6 pound chihuahua to pull you along. This may have worked for the Grinch when pulling his sleigh, but it's recommended that your dog is at least 35 pounds. Your dog should love to run around and you should have a basic knowledge of how to ski. While skijoring you can gain quite a lot of speed, so being able to control yourself and your pup is important. 

Each lesson is about an hour long and we provide all of the gear that you need! Who knows you and your dog might be hooked after the first lesson. By this time next year you will be signing up for your first skijoring race! 

Where to sign up:  

To learn more about Gunstock Mountains Skijoring check out their website! Visit or call 

(603) 295 - 4341 ext 504

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