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Wax On, Wax Off!

Yesterday was the first night of our annual series of "ski tune nights" over in my neck of the woods. My fiance Chet and I bring down our "fleet" of skis, remove the summer wax, bump some music (last night was early 2000's hiphop), and get to waxing and sharpening. It's becoming a great little tradition of ours. There's a certain kind of pride that comes with DIY tuning and a feeling of real preparedness for whatever comes your way. It's also a great excuse to utilize your best Mr. Miyagi impression.  Last night was dedicated to Chet's skis and tonight I'll be able to spruce mine up before heading down to Nashua for this year's Warren Miller movie (an altogether sweet evening).

In the meantime, we're receiving some natural goodness at the summit! Woot, woot!

Tomorrow is Opening Day for the 2015-16 season, and although we're starting out with warmer temps than we'd like and less terrain open than we'd like, we know Mother Nature has our back and she'll come through eventually. We're all just genuinely thankful for our mountain and stoked to get out there and make some turns --it really doesn't matter where at this point! Just remember: the colder temps and the snow WILL come, and if this winter is anything like last year's, it will (hopefully) arrive in buckets! For now, just wax on/wax off, sharpen your blades and shred what you can to prepare for the dump. 

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