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What To Do With That RFID Card

It’s post-season, and a lot of you may still be driving around with snow tires on and your winter gear in the trunk. --or maybe that's just some of us here at Gunstock! As the weather gets a little warmer and you start to get on top of spring cleaning and put your stuff away for the warmer months, we just wanted to send out a friendly reminder: don’t throw out that RFID card! Here’s what to do with it instead:


Keep It!

Planning on buying a season pass for next winter? You can buy it online and load it to the very same RFID card. Maybe you’ll be returning just a few times to ski and ride? Hold onto your RFID card and keep it with your gear, then when you book your lift ticket(s) online, you’ll already have your card ready to go! This will also help you avoid a $5 reprint charge in the future. Your RFID card will work as long as it isn’t damaged, so be sure to keep it stashed in a safe spot until you’re ready to use it again. 

Pro Tip: If you’re planning to buy a season pass for next winter, now is the time! The Season Pass Spring Sale is going on right now! Not only will you get the guaranteed lowest prices of the year, but you can also choose to sign up for our convenient payment plan, only available until April 30!

Recycle It!

If you’re thinking you won’t be back for a while or have more than one card, feel free to recycle it here on site. There are RFID drop boxes here at the mountain for that very purpose. You can find them situated in the following locations: Inside and Outside the Welcome Center, Leaving the Main Lodge on the Cafeteria & Basement levels, and Outside on the footbridge heading out to the Main Parking Lot from the Welcome Center. 


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