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Custom Boot Fitting

There is no piece of ski equipment more important than your boots. Boots are the critical link between skier, skis, and snow. Your boots can make or break your ski experience, yet the vast majority of recreational skiers are given little guidance and make choices they later regret. There are three primary advantages of custom-fitted ski boots:

We take great pride in our Boot Fitting here at Gunstock Ski & Sport. This year we have brought in an in-house boot guru who can offer our customers the best experience on the hill, and proper fitting boots is a major element in making that happens.

Whether you are a beginner skier buying your first pair of boots or a competitive racer looking for a performance edge we can accommodate your needs. The great thing about our system is that its goal is making boots more comfortable and more fun for not only the Level 3 skier but also the weekend intermediate enthusiast.

Our advanced boot fitting process is a multi-step system in building toward combining the best performance and comfort combination available in ski boots today. For most people, just going through step one or step two will enhance your experience and comfort better than you can imagine. However, if you want to, we can take it all the way through to give you the most customized boot fit available in North America.  


Custom insoles are a necessary add-on to ANY ski boot, and will dramatically affect performance and comfort. Custom insoles are the first link in the kinetic chain of skiing. They properly position the skier’s feet inside the boot, increase proprioception (subconscious perception of movement and spatial orientation) thus improving balance, and allow the foot to relax by providing arch support.

If ski boot length and shape are the two cornerstones to custom boot fitting, custom insoles are the keystone completing both aspects of performance and comfort.


While our first priority is getting the customer into the appropriate shell, quite often people have feet that are not perfectly lined with the rigid, generic shell that the ski boot manufacturers produce. If you have a low ankle or odd bulges in your foot, you are no longer out-of-luck! We can heat up and customize the shell to fit your foot. Furthermore, with the enhancements in shaped skis, boots have been slow to adjust to the new flex patterns that are required to make the skis work the way that they should.

Quite often, opening up the inside of the ankle of the shell will allow more freedom to flex the boot and drive the boot into a turn easier. It makes skiing easier and we're not putting you into an uncomfortable boot that is too small!


Ever wonder why you can make right turns better than left turns or why you can't seem to get that right ski on edge? Sometimes that degree is merely an imperfection in the sole of the boot and is never noticed. Boot Planing is removing material from the sole of the boot to make the skier balanced on the snow. The cheater's way of doing this is adding shims underneath your foot in the boot, but that alters the fit of your foot inside the boot. It also angles your foot differently within the shell making so that you can't flex properly in all directions. Boot Planing does not alter the fit of the boot at all and provides concrete and precise results.

Boot Fitting Benefits

Better Skiing: You will actually turn better, have more control, and be a better skier than you were before you first put your new boots on. Who doesn’t want that?

Better Comfort: This is not just a matter of luxury. Better comfort has concrete advantages besides how your feet feel. It directly translates to less fatigue, which means more runs, better skiing, and less soreness at the end of the day. It is especially important to anyone with uniquely shaped feet, ankles, or lower legs.

Warmth: So many skiers complain about cold toes that it has become almost accepted as part of the sport – but it does not have to be. Custom-fitted boots are actually warmer because the blood supply to the feet is not constricted, as it often is in off-the-rack boots.


A La Carte Pricing:

  • Basic Evaluation - $25.00
  • Boot Evaluation - $60.00
  • Shell Grind - $20/$30
  • Shell Stretch - $20/$30
  • Custom Work Hourly Rate - $60/Hr
  • Other Work Available 



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