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Demo Center

Gunstock is closed for the remainder of the 2019-20 Season.

We plan to open for Summer Operations May 23, 2020.

The Gunstock Ski & Sport Demo Center is the best full service on-hill demo center in New England. The try before you buy experience allows our guests the opportunity to try several pieces of equipment each day, making for a confident "no brainer" purchase.

Whether you’re looking to demo skis or boards in order to find your best match to buy, looking for a step-up in performance from rental gear, or treating yourself to the perfect tool for a super deep day of pow or ripping on groomers, the Demo Center can hook you up. Almost every ski and board sold at Gunstock Ski & Sport is available as a demo as well, letting skiers and riders road test the latest technology on snow - and deduct the demo fee from the sale price.

More Info and Pricing

Demo customers are encouraged to try different gear during the day - up to 3 different set-ups - and our experienced and helpful staff will guide you toward selections that match your skills, goals, and budget. Wondering about the ideal ride for a given day? Just ask. Our staff is made up of dedicated riders and skiers who know the gear!

Not only is testing new gear fun, it makes good financial sense - we will apply up to two days' demo fees toward purchase of that type item (once these items are discounted later in the season we can apply one day's fees toward purchase).

Looking for a particular ski or board to test? Let us reserve it for you! We can hold one such item until 10am as much as three days in advance - please realize that occasionally a reserved ski may not be available due to a previous day's repair, and please call back in the case of a cancellation so we can let someone else take it out.

Demo Full Day 2-Hour


$50 $10


$50 $10

Sno-Go Demo

Sno-Go is the #1 selling skibike. The advanced technology makes Sno-Go perfect for ripping groomers, parks, and pow. It’s a new era in winter sports, and we are leading the charge. Sno-Go applies the familiarity of riding a bike with the fun of sliding on snow. They've captured an intuitive bike-riding motion and paired it with a new ski technology designed to perform in all types of snow conditions.

Arguably one of the best parts about SNO-GO is how simple it is to get started. Most people pick it up within a few runs. Sno-Go is the first and only ski-bike company to be endorsed by the PSIA-AASI.  For more details, visit 

Rent a Sno-Go from Gunstock Ski & Sport
  • We are proud to be a Sno-Go premier partner (1 of 18 nationwide)
  • $30 for a 2-hour block; $50 for a 4-hour block
  • Available to rent from 8:30am – 4:00pm
    • It's recommended to call ahead to ensure availability
  • Lift ticket not included.
  • Sno-Go bikes are allowed on all lifts, but take it slow!
    • Start in the bowl area, move on to the Penny Lift, and then see where the experience leads.
    • Just like learning how to ski or snowboard there are risks. The more you Sno-Go the better you’ll be.
  • If you’re interested in purchasing, visit Ski & Sport for details and pricing.


For questions, comments, or to speak with a Ski & Sport representative: