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Lease program set up in the Children's Center

Seasonal Lease Program

About the Lease Program:

Take advantage of the best ski and snowboard lease program around. Our highly trained and certified staff fit you, set-up your equipment specific to you, and send you home the same day with the safest and most comfortable fit.

Fitting appointments will begin on Saturday, September 9th, and continue while supplies last. Please use the button below to book your lease fitting session Unfortunately, we cannot accomodate walk-ins. Each individual person needs their own appointment. If you have several family members, please make an appointment for each individual. 

LEASE PERKS: 20% off kids’ accessories on the day you lease: includes socks, helmets, goggles, hats, face masks, gloves, mittens, and more!

  Lease Package Pricing  
Ski or Snowboard Package New Used
Junior $199 $159
Adult $299 $259

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Please keep in mind that package prices are based on size of the gear required to accurately fit your family, not the age of the skier/boarder. This means that if your 12-year-old child requires an adult size boot or ski, you will be required to purchase the adult package that comfortably fits your child. We care about your comfort and safety on the slopes and will fit your gear accordingly.