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Zip Tour FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

The ZipTour® zip lines at Gunstock Mountain Resort are located in the beautiful Lakes Region of Central New Hampshire. Just up the hill from Lake Winnipesaukee in Gilford, New Hampshire.

What are ZipTour® Zip Lines?

Gunstock’s ZipTour® zip lines are a series of 5 zip lines. The first 2 zips are designed for training and adventure, and are located in the Base Area near our Admissions Center. Next you’ll travel to the top of Gunstock Mountain on the Panorama Summit Chairlift and descend back to the Base Area on a series of 3 zip lines. There are 2 side-by-side lines on each zip, so that you can travel alongside another member of your party.

How long are the zip lines?

The tour consists of 5 zips:

Zip Name Length of Line Vertical Drop Height off Ground Potential Speed
Demo Zip 45 Feet 4 Feet 6 – 8 Feet 6 mph
Training Zip 450 Feet 40 Feet 20 – 30 Feet 15 mph
Summit Zip 273 Feet 43 Feet 20 Feet 25 mph
Recoil Zip 3,981 Feet 688 Feet 100-140 Feet 65 mph +
Pistol Zip 3,804 Feet 584 Feet 45 – 50 Feet 60 mph +
Do I need to make a reservation?

We highly recommend that you reserve your ZipTour® zip line in advance as there's a limited number of people allowed on each tour and tours can sell out on any given day. You can reserve by phone at 603-737-4388 or online.

  • Our reservation line voice mail is always available and calls will be returned promptly during operational hours, however, leaving a message does not ensure a reservation.
  • You will need to pay the full amount at time of reservation.
What time do I need to arrive?

It is imperative that you arrive at least ½ hour prior to your scheduled zip line tour. As the zip line tour can be sold out on any given day, it is important to arrive on time for the start of your adventure. If you arrive late and miss your session, or cancel on the day, there are no refunds. We will attempt to put you into a later time slot if available but there is no guarantee. Arriving on time allows for a relaxed start to your adventure. Factor in extra time for driving to Gunstock Mountain Resort, parking, getting to the Admissions Center, checking in and completing waivers, visiting our retail store, and making use of our facilities.

What should I wear?

The Gunstock Mountain Adventure Park ZipTour® zip line is an outdoor adventure with points above the tree line. You may experience cooler temperatures and stronger winds at the higher elevations.
During the summer/warm weather seasons, you should prepare for being in the sun and on remote locations on the mountain:

  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows free movement. Shorts should reach mid-thigh or longer to allow for a comfortable fit of the safety harness.
  • You may want to dress in layers if you are zipping early or later in the day.
  • Shoes should be comfortable and flat soled, such as sneakers or hiking boots. No open-toe shoes will be permitted. Please wear closed toe and closed heel shoes for the Zip Tour, Segway, and ATA Tours, as well as Climbing Walls, Slackline, and Summer Tubing. Sturdy, closed-toe sport sandals with adjustable back straps are adequate. Croc brand or similar footwear are not considered to be adequate. The Gunstock Mountain Resort Staff reserve the right to determine whether apparel and/or footwear are adequate for the chosen adventure.
  • Be sure to hydrate before your adventure.
  • Take precautions for being in the sun, such as applying sunscreen.
Are there any age, height or weight restrictions?

Participants must be 10 years of age, weigh between 50 and 260 lbs. and must be between 4’ and 6’8” tall. Guests between the ages of 10 and 15 (inclusive) must have a participating parent/guardian on the tour.

What do I have to Carry, and for How Long?

The ZipTour® trolley is the primary piece of equipment you will be carrying and/ or suspended from throughout the duration of the tour. The ZipTour® trolley weighs approximately 18 lbs. and when not in use suspending you from the ZipTour® cable will be carried by you in a backpack. Depending on the level of business, the tour takes anywhere from 1 – 2 ½ hours to complete and you will be carrying/wearing the backpack for the majority of the tour. This means you will carry it from the training area to the chairlift and then, with one arm through the strap of the backpack, rest it on your lap for the chairlift ride to the top. You will also carry it while you walk to each platform, which includes climbing tall spiral staircases, and waiting your turn to zip each line.

Do I have to be an athlete to do the ZipTour® zip line?

NO, but you will need to be able to walk upwards of ½ - ¾ miles and you will have to be able to climb 2 – tall spiral staircases (upwards of 50 ft tall).

Can my son or daughter under 18 years old go through the ZipTour® zip lines alone?

Yes and No:
o Ages 10 – 15 (inclusive) must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. ZipTour® riders must be willing and able to operate the equipment on their own as each zip line rider will ride each line independently. Accompanying parent/guardian can and, in some cases, will be required to ride on the line next to the minor but will be on a separate line.
o Ages 16 – 17 (inclusive.): A parent/guardian must sign a waiver for the participating minor on site.

Is there any paperwork to fill out?

Whenever you are about to have too much fun there is always paperwork to fill out. All participants must complete a Release of Liability prior to beginning the adventure. A signature from a parent/guardian is required on site for all participants under the age of 18.

Can I bring my camera or video recorder?

Yes, you may bring your camera or video recorder. However, you may not use the equipment any time you are suspended on a zip line. The camera must be stowed and secured safely and not interfere with the use of the ZipTour trolley or harness, and to eliminate the risk of dropping equipment with guests and/ or employees on the ground below. The Gunstock Ski & Sport shop offers GoPro video cameras with helmet mounts and/or chest harnesses for rent or purchase.

Are there any storage or changing facilities?

We have storage available in the Aharnessing area for any extra gear you need to store while you are on the tour. Restrooms are available with a changing room for your convenience and privacy. We cannot be responsible for personal items left unattended.

Is there a guide with you on the tour?

You will receive a safety briefing and training from our tour guides as you begin your adventure. Depending upon the business levels, your group (up to 20) will either be escorted by two guides through the tour OR you will meet your guides at each platform. Whichever scenario, you will be guided through the entire tour and will always have the opportunity to ask questions and/or seek advice on completing this thrilling adventure.
Please note: The guides reserve the right to remove guests from any of the courses if safety equipment and/or procedures are not followed.

How long does the tour take?

The tour can take from 1-2½ hours to complete depending on the level of business.

How high off the ground will we be?

While on the tour you will experience the following heights and elements of the tour:

  • Zip lines as high as 100 to 140 feet above the ground.
  • You will be climbing metal spiral staircases as high as 50 feet above the ground.
  • You will be preparing to zip while standing on platforms as high as 50 feet above the ground.
  • You will be zipping above the trees as well as within the trees.
What if I can't bring myself to do the tour?

There are no refunds if you decide not to complete the ZipTour® zip line. If you decide that the tour is not for you on the Demo or the Training Zip, you may switch to the Segway Tour if there is availability. If the Segway Tour is full, there are no partial or full refunds. If you decide not to continue after you load the Panorama Summit Chairlift, our staff will get you down safely by an alternative method but there will be no refund.

Is it safe?

Safety is paramount at Gunstock’s ZipTour® zip lines. The equipment is state of the art and the guide staff will provide training on the use of the equipment to keep the ride safe and FUN! We will guide you through the safety protocol, teach you how to use the safety equipment, and make you feel comfortable that you will be safe throughout the adventure. That said, Gunstock’s ZipTour® zip lines contains elements and activities that can be considered physically testing and/or strenuous including but not limited to:

  • Wearing a harness and carrying up to 18 lbs of safety equipment
  • Riding a surface lift
  • Walking up to 500 yards across turf, dirt, mud, or uneven ground.
  • Loading, riding, and off-loading an aerial chairlift.
  • Climbing significant staircases and walking on elevated walkways.
  • Using core and upper body strength to pull down on a handle for up to 2 minutes
Can I watch if I am not participating?

As a non-participating group member you will have a chance to watch your group complete the Demo and Training Ziplines at the base of the mountain. You will also be able to watch the group members complete the last Pistol zip line which will cross over our pond. You are welcome to wait in the shaded area located near the last platform.

What happens in bad weather?

Gunstock’s ZipTour zip lines will not operate in weather conditions which indicate lightning may be in close proximity or in sustained winds in excess of 30 mph. Our staff will contact you if we have advanced notice of inclement weather and need to reschedule. If the weather is marginal, please call us for a status update. Do not assume we have cancelled the tour if you have bad weather where you are, we may have sunny skies!

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your Adventure (Zip or Segway) by calling the Adventure Park reservation line at 603-737-4388. The policy reads:

  • Cancellation 48 hours or more prior to Adventure- Full refund or reschedule
  • Cancellation 47 hours or less prior to Adventure- Full value on a non-expiring gift card or reschedule
  • No call for cancellation or no show- Loss of payment

Please Note: Your reservation is not considered cancelled until you have verification from a Gunstock Mountain Adventure Park Associate.
Sometimes, unfortunately, we might need to close the Adventure Park for reasons beyond our control and if you have already started the tour we will do our best to find alternative dates or times for you and your party to visit again. You will be issued a “Rain Check” to use prior to the end of the current season. Rain checks are transferable but are only valid for the adventure for which it is issued, therefore, all participants must meet the age, height, and weight requirements of that adventure.

Can I do the course if I'm pregnant or have a pre-existing medical condition?

The staff at Gunstock Mountain Resort Adventure Park is not medically qualified and is not in a position to assess the capacity of participants with pre-existing medical conditions to ride the zip lines. It remains your responsibility to undertake such an assessment prior to taking the tour. We advise you to visit the resort prior to making your reservation. You may also wish to contact your doctor for further advice.
We recommend that pregnant women do not take part in the zip line tour (as it is a series of robust zip lines and there are therefore associated risks). However, we do not want to be discriminatory and ultimately the choice is yours. We are not medical experts and therefore suggest that you seek advice from your doctor on the matter. If you decide to proceed, you do so with the full knowledge that the zip line tour may incur risks to an unborn child.

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are welcome at Gunstock Mountain Resort but must be supervised and remain on a leash at all times. You must clean up after your dog while on resort property. However, your dog cannot accompany you on the zip line and dogs are not permitted on the lifts. During Winter Snow Sports season, dogs are not allowed on any snow surface.