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Adventure Slope

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The Adventure Slope is a fun collection of features to ski and ride through for all ages and skill levels!

  Adventure Slope 21 Adventure Slope 21-1

 Adventure Slope 21-2   Adventure Slope 21-3

What is the Adventure Slope? 

  • It’s a fun run that you get to make your own by deciding which elements you want to explore. And it’s entertaining for the whole family. 
  • Entry level park with extra small and small features. 
  • It’s a gateway to the park. 
  • The Adventure Slope will get you going over features without feeling any intimidation of the full terrain park. 
  • The berms on the left will guide the skier or rider through the linear progression of the run. 
  • After you’ve tried out the Adventure Slope, head over to the Pistol Lift to check out Side Arm, which is the next step in the freestyle progression. 

The Adventure Slope fun run will have a variety of elements including: 

  • Berms 
  • Banked turns 
  • Rollers 
  • Jumps 
  • Stunt ditch/half pipe 
  • Tunnel 
  • A unique motion-activated talking box that speaks to you as you ski or ride over it.