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Park Corduroy

Gunstock Terrain Parks

    Army This year the US Army is sponsoring our Terrain Park. 

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Dewalt  Blackstrap

 Smith   Wood Shed Roast



Blundersmoke Park is Gunstock's "signature park." This park contains small, medium, and a few large features. We consider Blundersmoke to be a place for all levels, in which anyone from first time park riders to the most experienced rippers can enjoy the flow of the park. Blundersmoke contains the most variety of all Gunstock Parks and is the largest night park in New England!

Blundersmoke Park at Night


Out of Sight

Out of Sight is Gunstock Parks' "snow cross" trail. This will be a place for everyone from an entry level rider to the most experienced rider to lay down some fast, winding laps, and enjoy some banked turns and rollers. If you're looking for a "park experience," but would rather keep your skis or board closer to the ground, this is the trail for you!

Carving on snowboard


Side Arm

Side Arm "progression park" contains extra small and small features. Side Arm is a favorite place for all levels of riders who would like to take their terrain based learning further by experimenting with beginner-friendly elements like small boxes and simple snow features. All features in Side Arm Park are friendly to the whole of Gunstock's community, even those who don't consider themselves to be "park riders."

Side Arm Progression Park has small elements

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Freestyle Features for All Levels

Freestyle features are available on all runs stemming from the Pistol lift, in addition to traditional alpine terrain.

Why? Because we believe that great things happen when worlds collide. 

Gunstock Parks, in addition to groomed traditional skiing and snowboarding terrain, will provide freestyle features for all levels. Did you learn about movement on variations like berms and banked turns as a beginner on our Terrain Based Learning area? Head over to Gunstock Parks and try some slightly larger versions of those same elements on Out of Sight's banked turns and Side Arm's Progression Park! Are you pretty well acquainted with easier park features and want to step it up a bit? Head to Blundersmoke Terrain Park and try out their wide variety of elements, which get changed up on a regular basis to keep things fresh and fun! For experts wanting to go big, enjoy Blundersmoke's features as you warm up, then fly high on the Pistol trail's huge new jump line!

Safety at Gunstock

At Gunstock Mountain Resort, your safety is our top priority. We also expect you to do your part to keep yourself and others safe by skiing and riding in control, being aware of your surroundings, and being safety conscious. In the event of an on-resort emergency, Ski Patrol is available to assist you during normal operating hours (click HERE for Operating Hours). You can call Ski Patrol at 603-737-4300 or visit us in our First Aid Room, located in the Resort Services lodge (right in front of the flag pole). Click HERE for interactive map to see all Ski Patrol locations.

Please take a few minutes to review our SAFETY at GUNSTOCK page for all sorts of great safety tip! As a guest at our resort, we ask that you abide by the nationally endorsed Responsibility Code and always act Park Smart

Check out Gunstock Freestyle Association for freestyle skiers and riders age 7-17, specializing in building competitive skills in young park riders!