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RFID Cards & Lift Access Gates

Lift tickets and activities at Gunstock Mountain Resort must be purchased in advance. But don't worry, we will walk you through the steps on how to register and reload your RFID card!


Your season pass or lift tickets will be loaded onto a card containing RFID microchip technology. Why? To improve your experience at Gunstock Mountain Resort. With RFID cards there is no more fussing around with gloves in order to present your barcode ticket or pass to a ticket checker for scanning. Also, anyone who needs to purchase a lift ticket can now reload it onto their RFID card online or at a ticket window. Of course, when you buy online, you get the convenience of bypassing the ticket lines to go straight to the lift from your car. You’re welcome!

What is RFID?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification Device. Each of our new RFID cards contains a unique microchip that holds information pertaining to your season pass, flex pass, or lift ticket. Your card is automatically read when you approach the access gates at each lift, and the gate will open when your ticket or pass is validated. All in the blink of an eye!

Basic RFID Do's & Don'ts:
  • DO verify that you have your own RFID card because they are non-transferable.
  • DO reload tickets onto your RFID card online to save time.
  • DO upgrade your RFID card to a Season Pass to save time and money.
  • DO save your receipts as proof of purchase of your RFID card tickets or passes.
  • DO NOT forget, lose or damage your RFID card. There is a $5 fee to replace any card.
  • DO NOT punch a hole in your RFID card. It will destroy the card.
  • DO NOT wear your RFID card on a lanyard without using a vinyl card holder.
  • DO NOT place your RFID card in your pocket with your cell phone or any aluminum or foil material.
  • DO NOT carry multiple RFID cards on your person when approaching the access gates.
  • DO NOT let someone else use your RFID card or YOU WILL LOSE YOUR PRIVILEGES.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What does a Gunstock RFID card look like?

While your RFID card looks different than your old season pass or flex pass, the real difference is what’s inside. Each card has an embedded antenna and serialized microchip which registers with the access gate when you approach the lift.

Will RFID cards be used for Lift Tickets as well?

YES. All lift tickets will look like the RFID card above, and once you have your RFID card there is no need for you to go to a ticket window again. 

How does Gunstock know my RFID card belongs to me?

Gunstock has a quality color photo associated with our season pass customer profiles. This photo displays at the lift each time you pass through the access gates. For lift ticket holders, the system takes your picture the first time you board a lift, and the system displays this photo at each lift for the rest of the day. All tickets and passes are non-transferable, so don’t let other people use your RFID card because YOU will be one who loses your ticket or pass privileges.

Will my Season Pass still have a color photo?

Yes. All season pass customers must have a color photo on file. You can upload your photo online or have your picture taken at the Welcome Center. Even though we do not print your photo on your RFID card, the photo we have on file will display at the access gates each time you ride a lift. For those guests who get an RFID card with a lift ticket, their picture is taken at the access gates when they take their first lift ride of the day. This image is then displayed at the lift access gates throughout each day, and at the sales locations when you take advantage of your season pass benefits in the Welcome Center and Gunstock Ski & Sport.

Where should I carry my RFID card?

For most people, you should carry your RFID card in a pant or jacket pocket. Taller or shorter people may want to wear their RFID card a little lower or higher, so that it passes between the reader panels at each gate. Be sure to keep your RFID card in a pocket by itself, separate from any metallic or foil items that disrupt readability, such as cell phones, mp3 players, gum wrappers, cold medicine packets, etc. Please note, you should not carry multiple Gunstock RFID cards or RFID cards from other resorts as this affects their readability and may cause the wrong ticket or pass to be read.

Can I carry multiple RFID card through the access gates, such as my child's card?

No. Carrying multiple RFID cards can affect their readability. You should carry only one RFID card through the lift access gates, and that RFID card should be yours.

What information is stored my RFID card?

The microchip in your RFID card contains a unique serial number called a WTP number for Wireless Transaction Protocol. This WTP number is associated with the ticket or pass you buy. No personal information is stored on the RFID card, but the WTP number does relate to your customer account if you have a season pass or flex pass.

Why RFID card and access gate technology?

The most important reason is to improve your experience at Gunstock. RFID cards give you hands-free access to the lifts, so you don’t need to fumble around to present a barcode ticket or pass each time you ride a lift. Also, once you have your RFID card, you can purchase discount tickets online whenever you want to visit Gunstock. Of course, you can bring your RFID card to a ticket window to purchase your discount ticket as well, but we think you will appreciate the opportunity to skip the ticket lines so you can head straight to the lifts from your car.

Will my RFID card interfere with other RFID products?

No. The unique WTP serial number embedded in the microchip of your RFID card is specifically registered to Gunstock Mountain Resort. Because your card can only be used at Gunstock, it does not affect the performance of any other RFID products you might have. That said, we do specify that you do not carry two Gunstock or other resort RFID cards at the same time as this can adversely affect their readability.

What is the GSM/GSW or WTP number printed on my RFID card used for?

The GSM, GSW or WTP number we print on the front of your ticket or pass is the unique serial number of the microchip that is embedded in your RFID card. You should enter this GSM, GSW or WTP number into our online ticket portal to register for an account to buy lift tickets to visit Gunstock in the future. 

Are there any concerns associated with RFID technology?

No. Gunstock has selected to use passive RFID technology from a global access control vendor. Passive RFID cards do not radiate any electromagnetic energy on their own. They simply ‘power up’ to read/write data whenever they pass through the access gates at Gunstock.

Can I punch a hole in my RFID card to attach it to a lanyard?

No. You must never punch a hole in your RFID card as this destroys the operability of the embedded antenna and microchip. If you want to wear your RFID card around your neck, please place it in a vinyl card holder and attach it to a lanyard.

Can magnets destroy my RFID card?

No. The information stored on the microchip of your RFID card is not affected by magnetic fields.

Can my RFID card survive going through the laundry?

Probably. RFID cards are designed to survive normal wear and tear for years, including going through the wash. However, the silver stripe where we print the WTP number for your card is thermally activated and it can be affected by extreme heat. If this occurs and you cannot read the GSW, GSW or WTP number on your card, please return it to the Welcome Center at Gunstock for replacement.

Will RFID technology interfere with my other wireless technology?

No. The radio frequencies used by all manner of electromagnetic devices are specifically assigned by federal and international regulatory agencies to help ensure that no interference occurs.

What do I do if I lose my RFID card?

Notify the Welcome Center at Gunstock immediately and we will deactivate your RFID card so it cannot be used by anyone else. If you need to get a new RFID card, you will be charged $5 for a replacement fee.

What about RFID & Pacemakers?

The devices many of us use everyday function with radio frequencies and electromagnetic fields, such as radio units, cordless or cell phones, or wireless networks. RFID readers are electronic devices that produce an electromagnetic field like any other electronic device used for hands-free technology. Based on reports of independent research conducted on the influence of electromagnetic fields on medical implants such as pacemakers, there is no known health risk of interaction between RFID readers and pacemakers. However, if you wear a pacemaker, you should consult with your physician and refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations for your specific device, as you would with any electronic device. Out of an abundance of caution, we recommend that guests with pacemakers do not wear their RFID card near their heart when passing through RFID gates. We also recommend that guests do not linger close to RFID readers, maintaining a distance of at least 8 to 12 inches from RFID readers while in line and when passing through the gate.

If you wear a pacemaker or other medical implant and prefer not to pass through the RFID gates, please alert our staff at the lift and you will be given alternative direction for lift access.