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Uphill Travel

Uphill travel is now allowed on all trails, but is at your own risk in the off-season. There is no ski patrol on the mountain at this time. For assistance with emergency situations, please dial 9-1-1. 

During Guntock's winter operations, an Uphill Pass must be purchased in order to utilize our designated Uphill Routes. Pricing for 21-22 is being decided shortly. The Uphill Pass is good for the entirety of the winter season and may be purchased at the Welcome Center. You must carry your pass with you when on the mountain. 

Uphill travel is permitted on our three designated Uphill Routes for folks to skin or hike up, and ski/ride/hike down. Uphill Routes will be open when their connecting summit trails are open. Please use extreme caution as there is no Ski Patrol on site, and conditions may vary. Any activity on our trails at this time is entirely at your own risk. Sledding is not allowed. We must also heavily discourage congregating of any sort, including tailgating. We all share a responsibility to ourselves and our community during these uncertain times. Please do your part in flattening the curve of the spread of the COVID-19 virus by keeping a distance of at least 6-8 ft. away from others.

Click HERE for a PDF of the Uphill Policy and map of the routes.

Uphill travel is permitted between 6am and 9am ONLY on Route 1 & 2.
Uphill travel is permitted between 6am and 3:30pm ONLY on Route 3. 

  • Alpine Route 1: Start Point: The Fireplace Musket  Lower Gunsmoke  Middle Gunsmoke  Upper Gunsmoke  The Summit
  • Alpine Route 2: Start Point: Gunstock Ski Club Building Stonebar  Flintlock  The Summit
  • Nordic Route 3: Start Point: Base of Mountain Coaster  Try Me The Ridge (Hiking Trail/Single Track)  The Summit

Check our Conditions Report to see which Uphill Routes are open.

All Uphill parking is in the Pistol Lot.

Uphill Signs at Pistol Horse Barn

Please check out our news signs at the start of each Uphill Route. Each route will be marked Open or Closed. 

Uphill Route 1 Uphill Route 2 Uphill Route 3