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Gunstock Area Commission Announcement

July 21, 2022

GAC announcement


At the Gunstock Area Commission's monthly meeting last night, the GAC planned discussions with management about ongoing expansion plans. Instead of discussing those plans, the GAC  was met with an unsolicited and spontaneous resignation by senior managers and a commissioner. The GAC will not speculate as to why those persons took those actions.

The GAC’s duty under NewHampshire law is to manage and supervise the operations of the Gunstock Mountain Resort.  GAC members are elected by the Belknap County Delegation, i.e, those members of the New Hampshire house of representatives representing the taxpayers of Belknap County.

In light of last night's unprecedented actions, the GAC is developing plans to ensure Gunstock’s continued operations as seamlessly as possible. Gunstock has an important legacy in the ski industry's history and the GAC intends to maintain that legacy.


The GAC’s objectives are to remain open, continue employment of valuable staff, provide guests with exceptional experiences and fulfill the GAC’s obligations to the taxpayers by securing financial stability of the Gunstock Mountain Resort.