Reload Your RFID Card

Save your RFID Card after your first visit and reload it to save time and money next time you come to Gunstock!  Flex Pass holders can reload discounted tickets right onto their pass.
  • Save 25% off the window rate on your lift ticket by reloading on-line or become a Flex Pass holder and save 50%
  • Skip ticket lines when you get here and head straight to the lift!
  • 1) Even though our RFID card stock is the same, there are three variants that will affect your ability to purchase discount tickets online, so take a look at yours.

  • Personalized with your name on it from any season.
  • Anonymous 2018/19 cards with a GS code on it.
  • Anonymous 2017/18 cards with a WTP code on it.

2) A customer account place holder already exists on our new estore if you have a personalized RFID card, or if you have a 2018/19 issued RFID card.

3) To access this online account enter, the WTP or GS code to locate it and then update your personal information and create an online username and password.

  •  PRO TIIP: save time and locate the account for any of your family members who have an RFID that meets the necessary criteria. This will associate you as a family, making it easier to purchase tickets for everyone in the future.

 4) After this, our estore automatically discount the online price of the lift ticket you select, according to your RFID/Flex Pass status.

 5) If you have the third type of RFID media you cannot create an online profile without visiting the Welcome Center. At that time, we will take your existing RFID and issue you a personalized card that you will be able to use for years to come.

Reload Here

Questions about your RFID card? Check out our FAQ to find out more about all things RFID!