Flex Pass

Are you planning to come to Gunstock a handful of times during a vacation or over the course of the summer or winter season? The Flex Pass gets you a VIP discount of 50% off your regularly priced ticket purchase each time you visit, with no blackouts! 

Enjoy 50% off these SUMMER Activities:
  • Discover Adventure
  • Premium Adventure
  • Scenic Lift Rides
  • Mountain Coaster Rides
  • Mountaintop Yoga Classes

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Enjoy 50% off these WINTER Activities:
  • Alpine Mountain Access
  • Ski & Snowboard Rentals
  • Group Lessons
  • Mountain Coaster Rides
  • Nordic Trail Access
  • Nordic Rentals
  • Nordic Group Lessons


* Flex Passes are available for purchase in the weeks leading up to and during their respective operational seasons.
* Flex Passes are non-transferable. Discounts only pertain to the individual pass holder.
* Summer Prime Pass Holders are entitled to 50% off their Winter Flex Pass purchase (a $25 value).
* Winter Prime Pass Holders are entitled to 50% off their Summer Flex Pass purchase (a $25 value).