The Unofficial Start to Summer

Jen Karnan  

It feels like just yesterday we were wrapping up the Pond Skim and enjoying spiked lemonades in our ski boots and tee shirts on Closing Day, so it's hard to believe we're already opening back up for summer fun this weekend. Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial start of the summer, and since it's going to be a big summer for us, we're excited to take full advantage of the long weekend and hit the ground running here at the mountain! 

The …

Spring Season Pass Sale Ends April 30th!

Springtime: We're all thinking about annual tasks that become important as the days get longer and warmer, like making our yards green again and spring cleaning our houses. In the midst of all this April hustle and bustle, we want to remind you of one important thing to add to this weekend's to-do list: make sure to

Top 10 Costume Ideas for the Pond Skim

Jen Karnan  

The annual BYODC Pond Skim is this Sunday, April 2nd. If you've never been to this event, we would highly recommend you come to either watch or participate! Costume-clad contestants will be tucking down the hill and gaining as much momentum as they can to successfully cross our manmade "pond." Ski patrol will be on site to assist, should participants end up in the drink, which will …

Stella: The Out-of-Hand Party Guest

Jen Karnan  

Stella was an expected guest who came in quietly at first on Tuesday and hung around for a bit, almost like she was chilling out on the couch with us …

This Is The Year: Beginner's Guide Part III

Jen Karnan  

I was watching the season premiere of the HBO series Girls (I know, I know, hear me out though) and the main character, a writer, had to take a surfing lesson and write an article about the experience. She was chosen to do it because the editor knew it was out of her comfort zone …