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Bike Week Camping

Be close to the action of Laconia Motorcyle Week! For information about the week's activities, visit their website

2023 Laconia Bike Week Dates: June 10 - 18

Gunstock Hillclimb: Wednesday, June 14th

2023 Bike Week Rates 

Minimum 3 night reservation required. Please e-mail or call 603.737.4355 for more information.

Up to 6 campers/guests allowed per site during Bike Week.

Length of Stay

Basic Site Fee

($72 Per Night)

E/W or Basic+ Site Fee

($77 Per Night)

50 Amp E/W Site Fee

($82 Per Night)

E/W/S/Site Fee

($87 Per Night)

Cabin Fee

($112 per Night)

3 Nights $216 $231 $246 $261 $336 + tax
4 Nights $288 $308 $328 $348 $448 + tax
5 Nights $360 $385 $410 $435 $560 + tax
6 Nights $432 $462 $492 $522 $672 + tax
7 Nights $504 $539 $574 $609 $784 + tax
Bike Week Campground Policies

The following rules have been established so that everyone may enjoy their visit with us. Please be sure that anyone staying on your site knows and understands what is allowed. Anyone failing to abide by the rules will be asked to leave.  Parents are responsible for their children's behavior, safety and whereabouts at all times while within the resort. 

  • Person registering for site must be at least 18 years of age.  Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Maximum of 6 persons per site at any one time. All guests and campers MUST be PRE-REGISTERED with the Camp Store.
  • Only registered campers will be allowed in the campground. Wristbands will be provided at check-in.  Wristbands must be visible for security at all time.
  • Quiet hours are 10 PM to 8 AM.  Excessive noise at any time is not permitted.
  • No unregistered vehicles are allowed in the campground. Golf carts, ATVs, dirt bikes, etc. are not permitted.
  • Please observe the posted speed limits in the Campground and in the Parking Lots.
  • Pets are allowed in our campground, but are not allowed in the cabins. Pets must be on leash at all times. They should not be left unattended and must be kept quiet. Campers must clean up after their pets. A current rabies certificate must be presented at check-in. Dog tags CANNOT be used as proof of rabies vaccination. If you plan to participate in rides or other activities where you cannot bring your pet, please ask us about local facilities that provide doggie daycare. Pets displaying aggressive behavior or create a disturbance will not be permitted on property.
  • Drinking in public is unlawful. Alcoholic beverages need to be confined to your site. Kegs are not permitted. Under no circumstances is alcohol permitted at the pool.
  • No one is permitted in the maintenance yards, ski jump area, on the ATA course or Zip Tour platforms or in any other venue after hours. 
  • Gunstock is located in the town of Gilford.  Town ordinances prohibit the possession and display of fireworks, including those that are permitted in other New Hampshire towns. Use of fireworks in the campground will result in eviction.
  • Help protect our trees. Please do not bring any firewood onto Gunstock property unless it has been harvested locally or is kiln dried.  Firewood is available for purchase at the camp store.
  • Fires must be kept knee high and in the fire rings. Fires must not be left unattended. There is a $100 fine for cutting standing trees and we ask that you please leave our trees alone.
  • There is one picnic table and one fire ring at each site. They should not be moved from the site. Fire rings and stone fire pits must not be moved.
  • If anyone abuses property, creates a disturbance, or does not adhere to Campground Policies they will be asked to leave immediately and forfeit their campground site fee.
Arrival and Departure Information:
  • All campers must check-in at the Camp Store.
  • The Camp Store opens at 8AM daily and closes at: 8PM Sunday through Wednesday; 8PM on Thursday; 10PM on Fridays and 9PM on Saturday during Bike Week.  Hours may vary based on business volume.
  • Check-in begins at 1 PM.
  • Campers should plan to arrive before the Camp Store closes for the day. Those arriving after closing can be placed on their site by Campground Security based on their discretion.  No arrivals will be placed on their site after quiet hours.  Late arrivals that cannot be placed on their site will be directed to a temporary location overnight and move to their campsite the next morning.  The phone number for Campground Security is posted by the front door of the Camp Store.  Campers whose names are not listed on the site and have not been paid for in full will not be admitted to the campground by security.
  • Bring the license plate number of all motor vehicles that will be on your site with you into the Camp Store.
  • Check-out time is by 11AM.  Late check-outs will be charged an additional night fee.  
Bike Week Cancellation Policy

Refunds, less a $29 processing fee, are available on camp site reservations until May 15th.
No refunds on campsites will be made after May 15th.