Mountain Coasters are all the rage! Carts run on steel tubular rails with swooping banked corners, rolling drops and 360° loops that top at 25 mph. Safe & fun for ages 6+ Mountain Coaster Summer Activities in New Hampshire | Gunstock Mountain Resort
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Mom and son riding the mountain coaster in the summer

Mountain Coaster

The Gunstock Adventure Park is closed.

Hours of Operation

Riders begin and end their excursion on Gunstock's Mountain Coaster in a two-person cart on twin, stainless steel, tubular rails. The coaster takes riders uphill through the forest before the cart disengages and gravity takes over. The downhill track is designed with swooping turns, banked corners, rolling drops and 360-degree loops. Each cart is equipped with its own braking system, allowing riders to control their speed to a comfortable pace or accelerate to a maximum speed of about 25 mph. Mountain Coaster carts can be ridden by a solo driver or with a driver and passenger.

2023 Mountain Coaster Pricing
Ages 6 & Up (Free for 5 & Under) Single Ride $20
Ages 6 & Up (Free for 5 & Under) Unlimited Mountain Coaster & Scenic Lift Rides $35


  • Appropriate footwear is required: shoes must be closed toe and closed heel to ride. Crocs and similar footwear are not permitted.
  • Click here to watch our video about safety rules and regulations for the Mountain Coaster.


Mountain Coaster FAQs