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Scenic Lift Ride

Scenic Lift Rides

Scenic Chairlift Rides are now open weekends-only.
Enjoy a leisurely 15-minute ride to the summit on the four-passenger, aptly named Panorama Chairlift. Disembark to marvel at the breathtaking views of Lake Winnipesaukee below and the White Mountains beyond. On a clear day, Mount Washington, 50 miles away as the crow flies, can be seen rising among the Presidential Range. Explore hiking trails or pack a picnic lunch to be enjoyed at the summit. The chairlift runs continually to take you back to the base area at your convenience.
We also offer one-way scenic chairlift ride tickets for those who would prefer to hike up and ride down, or ride up and hike down. Stop by the ticket office in the base area to purchase your ticket before you set out.
2024 Scenic Lift Ride Pricing
Ages 6 & Up (Free for 5 & Under) Single Ride (Up & Down) $20
Ages 6 & Up (Free for 5 & Under) Unlimited Scenic Lift & Mountain Coaster Rides $35
Guests on Panorama chairlift at the summit.
Summer Chairlift riding requirements, policies and protocols:
  • All passengers and/or children must be aware of the lift loading and unloading procedures.
  • Children/passengers must be able to sit and ride the Chairlift independently (free of embrace or human restraint).
  • Children/passengers must sit all the way to the back of the seat ("back to back"); do not lean forward or on the restraint device.
  • Guests will not be permitted access to the chairlifts with a child in a carrier such as a backpack or chest pack. This is for the safety of the child in the unlikely event of a lift evacuation or injury to the adult.
  • In the unlikely event of a lift evacuation, each passenger may be required to be lowered from the chairlift using a "T-Seat" from a height upwards of 100' off the ground.
  • No Alcohol is permitted on the chairlift.
  • Pets are NOT permitted to ride the chairlift.
  • NO SMOKING ON CHAIRLIFT and we ask that you refrain from smoking at the top of the mountain or on hiking trails.
  • NO Littering from the Chairlift.
  • Sorry, no lift service is available to take bikes to the summit at this time.
  • Scenic lift rides are not available during Winter Snow Sports operation.
  • Weather can impact lift operations. Please call us at 603-293-4341 for current operating plans during marginal weather.


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Gunstock is going cashless.
Gunstock is moving to a cashless payment system starting this summer. Please bring a debit or credit card with you to be sure you can still enjoy everything Gunstock has to offer. Two cash-to-card, self-serve kiosks are available to convert cash to prepaid cards. They are in Gunstock’s Ticket Office and in the hallway on the main level of the Historic Lodge. Non-hosted bar service at Gunstock-catered events will be completely cashless. Gunstock’s Campground will continue to accept cash this summer.