The Official Mountain Coaster Build Thread


BIG NEWS: The Coaster has passed inspections and employees are being trained in safety practices. We've been conducting test runs on site with our staff and it's an absolute blast to ride! We cannot wait to introduce our newest gravity-based adventure, so we're pleased to announce the Grand Opening of the Mountain Coaster, this Saturday, August 13th at 10am! Guests who purchase a Discover Pass for their visit will enjoy unlimited rides all day! The Discover Zone and the Landing Zone will both be open till 8pm on Saturday to celebrate the new addition!


NH State Inspections and Wiegand final inspections are happening on site today! Test runs are happening as well. Training is scheduled for tomorrow! We're excited! 


Another promising sign: Mountain Coaster sleds are hanging up in the lower terminal building! We are getting ready for inspections and preliminary testing! An opening date hasn't been officially announced just yet, but we're expecting to get word on that very soon. Scroll down for more info and more photos of the construction process!



We are nearing the end of our Mountain Coaster Construction process! Stay tuned during the coming week for more frequent updates!

  • The laying of coaster track has been completed.
  • Both electric and control wiring have been completed.
  • Both terminal buildings are done, except for painting and staining.
  • Coaster sleds are being put on the rails.
  • Signage, fencing, and landscaping are set to begin this weekend.
  • Camera installations are anticipated next week.
  • NH State inspections and test runs are scheduled for next week.
  • Final inspection has been scheduled!

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  • Both terminal buildings are wired in and Lifts crews are finishing the installation of control wiring.
  • Track laying is almost finished; all uphill track is in place and 95% of the downhill track is complete.
  • Now that electricity has been installed, the contractors will be finishing the walls, ceilings and exterior finishes of the the terminal buildings.
  • The splicing of the haul rope is scheduled for Monday, July 18th. The haul rope will carry the sleds and riders to the top of the track.


  • Lift Repair & Maintenance crew is installing control wiring.
  • Trenching and conduit installation for fiber optics has begun.
  • The bull wheel has been installed at the bottom and the top bull wheel is in place to be installed.
  • The first of the coaster sleds has been hung in the lower terminal.
  • The coaster construction crew is working hard to remove additional tree stumps and granite and laying lots of coaster track!

For more coaster construction photos, check out our album on Facebook!


  • Construction of the upper terminal building at the top of the coaster is under way!
  • The crew is finishing up the basic wiring in the lower hut and installing coaster electronics.
  • Track laying continues!

For more coaster construction photos, check out our album on Facebook!


The coaster sleds and final container of parts have arrived on property and have been unloaded! We are one step closer to the final stretch of construction. Our crew is working tirelessly to get the coaster up and running as soon as possible! Stay tuned! 



 We have a roof! Construction is coming along nicely. To see more pictures of progress, visit the photo album on Facebook 




  • All concrete work is complete.
  • There are currently 170 tons of steel on site.
  • We have begun laying track. The sharpest hairpin of the entire coaster has been set. 
  • the 7th and 8th container arrive from Germany this week! 


More completed rail line


  • Construction on the lower terminal building at the base of the coaster has begun behind the Adaptive building.
  • Concrete has been poured for the terminal building at the top of the coaster.
  • The first parts have arrived from Germany!


Construction process update:

  • Electric and water lines have been established.
  • Foundations for middle stations have been set; helixes and bridges are in progress.

We plan to pour concrete on the helix centers next week when the temps are less frigid. We will then complete drainage around the bottom terminal building area, which will enable us to start concrete work for the bottom bullwheel and bottom terminal building. We received confirmation this week that the first coaster parts from Germany are scheduled to arrive the week of March 21st, We're excited!

Here is what has been done so far:

  • Area has been surveyed.
  • 150 grade stakes have been set. 
  • Civil engineering is complete.
  • Coaster path has been cut. 250 trees have been harvested in a way to limit damage to the surrounding areas.



As many of you may have heard, we are currently in the process of building a mountain coaster! The loading area will be behind the Adaptive building. The coaster will operate year round and be a welcome addition to our lengthy attraction list here at Gunstock Mountain Resort. We are aiming to have it up and running by July 2016. What is a Mountain Coaster? Check this out:


We will update this blog post each time something significant happens with the build. Construction on the track itself begins on April 1st and is expected to take seven to ten weeks to finish.

The coaster will consist of two helixes and five bridges. There will be 40 sleds with anti-collision systems built in. The track consists of 53 individual concrete footings that must be placed within a one inch tolerance on the X and Y axis in their strategic locations. Using current GPS technology, we can pinpoint exact locations up to a half an inch! Fascinating stuff. Some of these footings are precast, others will be made on site at Gunstock. The ride will last about five to six minutes. This is what a helix looks like: