A Perfect Fit

Jen Karnan  

Mountainside Outfitters has taken on a boot fitter for the 15-16 season (a Mountainside Bootfitter, if you will) and the "Boot Shack" is officially open for business. Brian McCall, the "Boot Guy," is a Certified …

Double The Terrain Open This Weekend!

Tom Ryan  

The only thing better than opening more terrain is getting more snow to open more terrain on top of that terrain (that …

Better Late Than Never

Jen Karnan  

Punctuality... well, let's just say it's not my strong point. It's not that I mean to be late, it's just that I tend to be 5-10 minutes …

A Case of the Fenways

Jen Karnan  

Oh the weather outside is... meh, nevermind. I don't want to talk about it either.
Here's something fun instead:

Yesterday, we were lucky enough to bring some ski vibes to Fenway Park with a handful of …

Reopening on December 26th

Unseasonably high temperatures have shut down all snowmaking operations over the last 2 weeks. Couple that with three days of rain and we are at a total stand still. We will remain closed this weekend and reopen December 26th with day and night skiing. This will give us time to blow as much snow as possible to get as much terrain open as the weather allows for Christmas break. It will also help us preserve what snow we currently have on the mountain. We thank you for your patience and understanding during this frustrating bout of weather. Winter officially starts next week and we are looking forward to cooler temperatures to turn this place white! 

We will keep the Welcome Center, Nordic Center and Retail Store open for shopping, gift cards, passes etc! You can see the second round of deals below.