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Aerial Treetop FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

  • Aerial Treetop Adventure (ATA) at Gunstock Mountain Resort is located in the beautiful Lakes Region of Central New Hampshire. Just up the hill from Lake Winnipesaukee in Gilford, New Hampshire.
  • Visit our Directions Page HERE

What is Aerial Treetop Adventure? 

  • Gunstock’s Aerial Treetop Adventure is an obstacle course set in the forest next to Gunstock’s pond.
  • The obstacles, or games, are suspended between trees, and participants stay securely clipped into a safety cable throughout the course.ATA Man Horiz
  • The obstacles you will find during your adventure include ziplines, suspended bridges, tightropes, swinging logs, and much more.
  • The Adult Course is split into 5 courses, each getting progressively more challenging and higher off the ground. You will pass through each course once.

What are the courses like?

The courses progress from easiest to most difficult. Each course begins and ends on the ground, so you can choose if you want to continue on to the next level.

Demo Courses

Course Number of Games Types of Games Platform Height Level of Difficulty
Demo 10 Ladders, Ropes, Zips 3-5 feet Training

Explorer Courses (Kids)

Course Number of Games Types of Games Platform Height Level of Difficulty
Kids' Course 15 Climbing Wall, Foot Bridges, Nets, Suspended Ladders,Barrels, Wagon, Zipline 10-15 feet Kids 

Adult Courses

Course Number of Games Types of Games Platform Height (Lowest) Level Difficulty
Green 11 Ladders, Bridges, Swings, Steps, Barrels, Wagon, 60 foot Zipline 13 feet Easiest
Blue 9 Bridges, Ropes & Logs, Beams, 70 foot Zipline 16 feet Intermediate
Silver 13 Ladders, Nets, Swings, Seesaw, Jumps, 65 & 125 foot Ziplines 20 feet Difficult
Red 17 Cable & Log Ladders, Footbridges, U-Ropes, Suspended Logs, 80 & 257 foot Ziplines 30 feet More Difficult
Black 16 Logs Ladder, Labyrinth, Suspended Rings, Footbridges, Surfboard, Pirate's Rope, Vertical Logs, 3 Ziplines 180-200 feet. 50 feet Most Difficult

Do I need to make a reservation?

  • Yes, reservations are required to reserve your adventure in advance. There are a limited number of ATA Tours and can sell out on any given day.
  • You can make a reservation online or by phone at 603-737-4388.
  • Our reservation line voicemail is always available, and calls will be returned promptly during operational hours, however, leaving a message does not ensure a reservation.
  • You will need to pay the full amount at the time of your reservation.
  • You must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled tour. If visiting on a holiday weekend allow additional time for check-in.
  • If you arrive late and miss your tour, or cancel day-of, there are no refunds or rescheduled tour.

What are Gunstock's COVID guidelines?

  • Gunstock Mountain Resort is currently following all CDC guidelines for guests and staff. While we do not require face coverings on the property or inside any buildings at this time, we do encourage those who feel more comfortable wearing them to do so. If you or anybody in your party is not feeling well, has any COVID-19 symptoms, or has recently tested positive for COVID-19, we encourage you to reschedule your Adventure and visit us on another day.


What should I wear?ATA Woman Vertical

  • ATA is an outdoor adventure in the woods and involves walking through the woods, climbing in trees, and handling climbing equipment.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows free movement. Shorts should reach mid-thigh or longer to allow for a comfortable fit of the safety harness.
  • We strongly encourage you to bring a pair of lightweight gloves to use while in the trees.
  • You may get dirty (pine pitch, bark, and dirt), and clothing could catch on the obstacles/trees/platforms.
  • Footwear Requirements: Closed-toe and closed-heel shoes or boots are REQUIRED for adventures. Open-toed shoes are NOT allowed. Sturdy, closed-toe sport sandals with adjustable back straps are adequate. Crocs or similar footwear are not considered to be adequate. The Gunstock Mountain Resort Adventure Park Staff reserve the right to determine whether the apparel and/or footwear are adequate for the chosen adventure.
  • Long hair has to be tied back, waist covered, body piercings & jewelry removed or taped over.
  • You may want to bring a change of clothing for the journey home.
  • No helmets are required or distributed.

Should I bring snacks or water?

  • If possible, you should bring a water bottle that can be clipped to your belt or harness (with a small carabiner).
  • You can bring a small snack to eat in between courses while on the ground. Everything must be secured in your pockets or attached with a carabiner to prevent dropping on others below.

Are there any age, height or weight restrictions?

  • Participants on the Adult Course must be
    • Must be at least 12 years old
    • Able to reach 5' 11" with fingertips with feet flat on the ground.
    • Weigh less than 250 lbs
  • Children on the Explorer Course must be
    • For ages 6 to 11 years old
    • Able to reach 4’ 7” with fingertips with feet flat on the ground.

Can my son or daughter under 18 years of age go without a parent/guardian in the course with them?

ATA Kids VertYes - Ages 16 & 17: May participate without a parent/guardian in the course or supervising from the ground.  It is recommended that a parent/guardian be present while participants are in the course, but not required.

Yes - Ages 14 & 15: Must have a parent/guardian either in the trees or supervising from the ground at all times.

No - Ages 12 & 13: Must have parent/guardian participate in the course (in the trees) with the child. If the parent/guardian cannot complete the course, the child must come down out of the course at that time as well.

No - Ages 6-11: Must supervise from the ground. Adults are not allowed in the Explorer Course.

Is there any paperwork to fill out?

Every participant must complete an Adventure Park Release of Liability. Participants under the age of 18 must have the Adventure Park Release of Liability signed by a parent/guardian when reserving online.

Can I bring my camera/camcorder?

  • Yes!
  • Getting a camera into the trees is straightforward; you just need a lanyard to make sure your camera is always attached to you.
  • We ask that you be courteous of other treetop dwellers by not taking too much time on platforms to take photos or video (only 3 people are allowed on a platform at one time).

Can I carry a backpack, fanny-pack or pocketbook?

  • No. Any bag would interfere with the fitting of the safety harness and your ability to navigate through the games. Water bottles can be carried if attached with a carabiner.

Are there any storage or changing facilities?

  • All personal belongings should be stored in your vehicle as there is no free storage available in the lodge.
  • There are pay-for lockers in the Stone Cellar for $7, $10, or $15.
  • Restrooms are available with a changing room for your convenience and privacy.
  • We cannot be responsible for personal items left unattended.

Is there an instructor with you on the course?


  • You will receive a safety briefing and training from one of our Adventure Guides before you begin.
  • Once you demonstrate the ability to use all of the safety equipment you have been given and observe all safety protocol, you will be directed to the start of the green course.
  • Once you are in the trees you will have Adventure Guides and Monitors on the ground. These folks are available to coach and cheer you on as needed (or desired) throughout your adventure.
  • The guides are available to bring you down (via belayed rescue) if you reach a point where you cannot continue and cannot reach an exit platform.
  • Please note: The Adventure Guides reserve the right to remove guests from any of the courses if safety equipment and/or procedures are not followed. Refunds will not be issued for guests who are removed from the trees due to a safety concern.

How high is the course?

  • The Adult Course (ages 12 and up, must be able to reach 5'11" with fingertips with feet flat on the ground) All participants begin with the easiest and lowest games 10’ to 15’ off the ground, leading to more challenging games and bigger elevations, upwards of 70’ off the ground.
  • The Explorer/ Children’s course (ages 6 – 11, must be able to reach 4’-7” with fingertips with feet flat on the ground) will be 10’ to 15’ off the ground.

How long does the course take?

  • ATA is a personal experience and everyone will move through the courses at their own pace after successful completion of the training course (under the watchful eye of our Adventure Guides).
  • Adult Course: Participants are allowed 2hrs to navigate through as many of the 5 levels as you can. You may enter a new level no later than 15min prior to the end of your 2 hour session. At the end of the day, 5:30p is the last time to enter any course. All guests must be out of the trees by 6:00p.
  • Explorer Course: Participants can go through the course 2 times. Adult supervision is required for all participants.

I'm afraid of heights!

  • You may find that with the friendly and supportive training, coaching, and assistance from the ATA staff, you will feel confident to do things you never dreamed possible. The ATA Guides and Monitor staff take pride in their ability to “boost” your confidence and get you through even the most challenging obstacles. Many people with a fear of heights use our ATA to conquer their fear as they conquer each course, and come back repeatedly to get even more comfortable with heights. Why not give it a try - you might surprise yourself!

Is it safe?

  • Safety is paramount at Gunstock’s ATA Course.
  • Guide staff will talk you through, walk you through, and then observe you in the demonstration course to make sure you are capable of performing the moves you need to make it ATA w Staff Sqthrough the course safely. Staff will guide you through the safety protocol, teach you how to use the safety equipment, and make you feel comfortable in the fact that you will be safe throughout the adventure.
  • That said, Gunstock’s ATA courses are substantial and physically testing treetop adventure courses, which feature various ziplines and obstacles. There is inevitably a risk of injury when undertaking such activities. Participants will be responsible for attaching themselves to the safety system. If you do not attach yourself to the safety system you risk falling, which could result in a serious or fatal injury. However, the treetop course has been built to and operates under strict safety standards.
  • The course is inspected daily, monthly, and annually for adherence to these safety standards.
  • All participants receive a safety briefing from a trained instructor at the start and have to wear a safety harness at all times.

Do I need to be fit or strong?

  • ATA does require a degree of physical fitness, but if you can climb up a rope ladder, you should be fine. You can always catch your breath between obstacles.

Can we watch our friends and family from the ground?

  • Yes, spectators are more than welcome to watch friends and family zipline, swing and crawl, from tree to tree from the trails below along most of the courses. Signs and guides will point spectators away from restricted areas.

What happens if I get stuck?

  • Adventure Guides will come to your rescue! They have special equipment to get you to the nearest platform or safely off of the course.

What if I fall?

  • If you should fall your safety harness will catch you. Then you can regain your footing and continue through the course.

What happens in bad weather?

  • ATA is an excellent wet weather activity but is even better when dry! The course remains open in all weather conditions, except when it is icy, stormy or during lightning. Rain makes the course slicker and the ground muddier than usual - which all adds to the fun and adventure for many people! However, since you are beneath the forest canopy, it is a lot drier than standing out in an open field. Whatever the case is, dress for the weather. You may want to bring a change of clothing for the journey home.
  • Sometimes, unfortunately, we might need to close the Adventure Park for reasons beyond our control and if you have already started the tour we will do our best to find alternative dates or times for you and your party to visit again. You will be issued a “Rain Check” to use prior to the end of the current season. Rain checks are transferable but are only valid for the adventure for which it is issued, therefore, all participants must meet the age, height, and weight requirements of that adventure.

Can I do the course if I'm pregnant or have a pre-existing medical condition?

  • The Adventure Park staff at Gunstock Mountain Resort are not medically qualified and not in a position to assess the capacity of participants with pre-existing medical conditions to undertake a treetop adventure course. It remains your responsibility to undertake such an assessment prior to taking the tour. We advise you to visit the resort prior to attempting the course. You may also wish to contact your doctor for further advice.
  • We recommend that pregnant women do not take part in the treetop adventure course (as it is a robust zipline and ropes course and there are associated risks). We do not operate with full body harnesses, but have sit harnesses. Unfortunately, we cannot allow customers to wear their own harness due to our own insurance position.
  • We are not medical experts and therefore suggest that you seek advice from your doctor on the matter. If you decide to proceed, you do so with the full knowledge that the treetop adventures may incur risks to an unborn child.

Can I bring my dog?

  • Dogs are welcome at Gunstock Mountain Resort but must be supervised and remain on a leash at all times. You must clean up after your dog while on resort property.
  • Please do not leave any animal in your vehicle unattended. We care about all animals and will take necessary measures if a dog is spotted unattended in a vehicle, including contacting authorities.
  • Your dog cannot accompany you to or under the ATA.
  • During Winter Snow Sports season, dogs are not allowed on any snow surface.