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Gunstock Parks

Introducing our revamped Gunstock Parks: Freestyle features are available on all runs stemming from the Pistol lift, in addition to traditional alpine terrain. Why? Because we believe that great things happen when worlds collide. 

Gunstock Parks, in addition to groomed traditional skiing and snowboarding terrain, will provide freestyle features for all levels. Did you learn about movement on variations like berms and banked turns as a beginner on our Terrain Based Learning area? Head over to Gunstock Parks and try some slightly larger versions of those same elements on Out of Sight's banked turns and Side Arm's Progression Park! Are you pretty well acquainted with easier park features and want to step it up a bit? Head to Blundersmoke Terrain Park and try out their wide variety of elements, which get changed up on a regular basis to keep things fresh and fun! For experts wanting to go big, enjoy Blundersmoke's features as you warm up, then fly high on the Pistol trail's huge new jump line!

Check out Gunstock Freestyle Association for freestyle skiers and riders age 7-17, specializing in building competitive skills in young park riders!