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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Gunstock?

Gunstock Mountain Resort is owned by Belknap County, New Hampshire. It is considered a municipal corporation and an agency of Belknap County.

How is Gunstock managed?

Gunstock is managed by a five (5) member commission called the Gunstock Area Commission (GAC). The Commission was established by statute in 1959. The Commission meets monthly to review operations, approve major expenditures, and develops intermediate and long range plans for upgrades and expansion of the facility. The Commission hires and oversees the General Manager, who manages the day to day operations at the mountain. 

Does Gunstock provide discounts to Belknap County Residents?

Belknap County Days are scheduled at least monthly during the winter season and summer season. County Residents recieve discounts on activities at Gunstock.

Does Gunstock cost anything to Belknap County and the Taxpayers?

For over 12 years, Gunstock has not required funding or support from taxpayers.

Does Gunstock share profits with Belknap County?

Yes, Gunstock contributes a percentage of revenue to Belknap County per HB1442. For additional information go to the Statute page. 

How many employees/staff does Gunstock have?

Gunstock employs approximately 65 full-time year round staff. Approximately 600 full and part-time seasonal staff are employed during the winter operations, and approximately 100 are employed during the summer.

Does Gunstock have any plans to expand the facilities and operations?

A master plan is reviewed every five years. For latest master plan click here.

When does Gunstock make snow?

Snowmaking will occur any time after Mid-November whenever the temperature is below 28F. Gunstock is committed to making snow until there is sufficient depth on all snowmaking trails to remain open despite natural snowfall.

What factors lead to downhill ski operations closing each April?

Generally, lack of participation by skiers is the main reason for closing. Also, providing enough time for the transition from winter to summer seasons is sometimes a factor.

What is the relationship between the Belknap County Delegation and the Gunstock Area Commission?

Each of the five (5) Commissioners are appointed on a rotating basis to a five (5) year term by the Belknap County Delegation. The delagation approves all RAN or Bonds. 

What is the status of the four (4) ski jumps at Gunstock?

Gunstock has four ski jumps, a 10 meter, 20 meter, 40 meter and 70 meter structure. The 10m, 20m, and 70mr was constructed and opened in 1936. The 40m was completed in 1949.

Jump competitions were popular during the 1930’s to the 1970’s at this facility. US Olympic Trials were also held here. The last jump event occurred in 1993, with all jumps subsequently becoming unused and falling into disrepair.

The Gunstock Historic Preservation Society (GMHPS), in conjunction with the Gunstock Nordic Association (GNA), is moving forward with a plan to rehabilitate the 10m and 20m jumps and bring back area middle & high school ski jumping teams and jump competitions to Gunstock. The GMHPS is currently raising the estimated $200,000 needed to complete the rehabilitation of the 10m & 20m jumps.

Is Gunstock ownership going to change in the future?

There are no plans at present to change ownership of the resort or to change the business model of the facility.