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Ski Boots

Boot Fittings

Boot Fitting

We take great pride in our Boot Fitting here at Gunstock Ski & Sport. We have in-house boot gurus who can offer our customers the best experience on the hill, and proper fitting boots is a major element in making that happens. Whether you are a beginner skier buying your first pair of boots or the advanced looking to dial in your kit, we can accommodate your needs.



"We had the best experience with Jim and Myles in the ski shop! They custom fit my kids, husband, and myself. They are full of knowledge and gave us their full attention. Highly recommend using the Gunstock ski shop for a family friendly experience. They are an amazing asset to the community!" - A.K.


Our advanced boot fitting process is a multi-step system. that couples the best performance and comfort combination available in ski boots today. For most people, just going through step one and two will enhance your experience and comfort. Or go all the way to receive the most customized boot fit available!

Shell Customization

While our first priority is getting the guest into the appropriate shell, quite often people have feet that are not perfectly lined with the rigid, generic shell that the ski boot manufacturers produce. If you have a low ankle or odd bulges in your foot, you're in luck! We can heat up and customize the shell to fit your foot. Quite often, opening up the inside of the ankle of the shell will allow more freedom to flex and drive the boot into the turn. 

Boot Planing

Wondering why your right turns are more consistent than your left? You may be in need of boot planing. Boot planing is precisely removing material from the sole of the boot to make the skier more balanced on the snow. Heel lifts can also be added to create the same effect but will alter the fit and angle of the foot in the boot.

A La Carte Pricing
  • Basic Evaluation $25
  • Boot Evaluation $60
  • Shell Grind $20/$30
  • Shell Punch $20/$30
  • Custom Work Hourly Rate $60/hr.




To set up an appointment please call or email or 603.737.4331