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Skier races through a slalom course

Adult Race League

Racing Wednesdays and Thursdays starts
Wednesday, January 3, 2024 and Thursday, January 4, 2024.

Find the Results for Adult Race League at the bottom of the page.

Ready, set, Race! Adult Race League is your chance to compete with coworkers, friends, and other race enthusiasts in an 8-week series! No experience necessary. Come for fun or the competition. We compete on Ramrod Race trail. Once again, we are aiming for 12 teams racing Wednesdays and Thursdays, starting on Wednesday January 3, 2024 & Thursday January 4, 2024.
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Ready to join?
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Product purchase for Adult Race League, through your team captain via a special link, should be complete.

  • Adult Race League fee includes lift access all 8 consecutive weeks (loaded onto your RFID card/on your race night), starting at 3 PM.
  • Race teams consist of 10 people max - make your own team or join a team already forming. (5 people minimum, $1,500 total still due and risk not qualifying if one person is absent)
  • If you belonged to a team in the past, let your captain know and they can register on your behalf using the Captain Registration Form
  • If you need a team, please register yourself using the I Need a Team Registration Form
  • After submitting your registration form you will receive a special URL FROM your Team Captain, who you may know or we may connect you with, when the Adult Race League product is available for purchase online.
  • Like last year the cost will be $150 ($75 for Gunstock employees; $1,500 total per team if being sponsored)
  • Please do not try and buy the ARL product in the E-store without the special URL, this is important for Team Set Up from an administrative perspective.
  • If you are unable to purchase your pass online, the Sales office can assist you with the purchase once you have been assigned to a Team.

Racers must have an RFID card and bib to race.

Your results will be sent to NASTAR, so you will also earn national standings!

Don't hesitate to reach out to the Group Sales Office with any questions: 603-737-4311
Thank you to our 2024 sponsors! If you are interested in sponsoring Adult Race League in 2024, visit our Sponsoship Page HERE to learn more or email Gretchen.
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